Elbow Valley - Rural Rocky View County


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Nestled west of downtown Calgary, the award-winning community of Elbow Valley featuring spectacular mountain views, gentle rolling meadows and breathtaking luxury homes. Elbow Valley was named Canada’s Best Community in 2003; Elbow Valley contains luxury homes found in the splendor of the Alberta foothills.

Since the 1970's, the Elbow Valley area has experienced tremendous growth. Today, it continues to be a community of elegance and style. To uphold the highest standard of quality, Elbow Valley homes are subjected to a strong set of architectural controls and an in-depth approval process. Each Elbow Valley community has its own Condo Corporation and Home Owner Association.  

The community derives its name from southern Alberta's Elbow River, which flows northward and merges with Calgary's Bow River. The rolling terrain, lush scenery and riverbanks, provide residents with numerous opportunities to get close to nature. From hiking activities to fishing in the summertime, Elbow Valley is a hybrid of chic luxurious urban living in a relaxed country lifestyle.

Some Elbow Valley luxury homes feature near-perfect views of the local golf fairways and access to the course for golfers of all abilities. Elbow Park's premier golf courses include: Elbow Springs Golf Course, The Mountain View Course, The Elbow Course The Springs Course and the Glencoe Golf and Country Club.

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